«BVS» is the new brand on the fuel market of Ukraine

Since 1988 the company «Nadezhda» has been effectively engaged in manufacturing and commercial activity on the Ukrainian fuel market and abroad. This is a long period of time, during this time the network has increased with many facilities, accomplished in different style. Having a considerable potential in fuel business, «Nadezhda» became the network, which has to accomplish a serious task of сonsolidating itself on the level of national market leaders, by creating a powerful and vivid single style.
Inspired by the example of the effective upgrade of the Ukrainian networks «ОККО» и «WOG», carried out by VDS, the direction of «Nadezhda» approached us.
Often happens, that а customer and developer of the design speak “different languages”, such situation has become the subject of professional network humor long time ago. But with the company «Nadezhda» the language was one. In her face, we obtained a “classical” customer, of which a developer can only dream of: who is in possession of a crude but clear idea, that should be materialized in design, knows the limits of personal competence and trusts the competence of a partner-executor. High degree of creative freedom was provided to the specialists VDS. The owner of the company-customer and the executive team made the new name of the brand– «BVS» – and proposed a clear picture of its development, which became the basis of the project. We couldn't «fall afoul of» - the joint project worked out.
The words «scope – wind – sea» were pronounced, and this ample semantic row formed the basis of further development. Came into being bright, clear image of the “sea” object floating on waves.
BVS_Эскизирование_ (2).jpg
The start of the project was October 2015. After some time, we proposed the plastics of coating of canopy and the style of building, in which the idea of wing-sail of free-flight motion was carried out. The presence of green in logo and face of building confirmed ecological orientation of autogas operator. The design of image stela was also developed, the rules of designing of operator’s room of different type and canopies for the projects of further rebranding were implemented.
The first station under the brand «BVS» came into being this spring in Kharkov. Today 8 facilities of the new brand are put in commission by the Company VDS, two are still in process.
On the photo “mirror” stations «BVS» No 43 and No 44 in the city of Uman on Route Kiev-Odessa are presented. Their opening was held late summer 2017.

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