VDS - «Gulf» (Georgia): To be the best, you have to be the best

“Gulf Georgia” is the leading oil company in the Georgian fuel market, bearing the world trademark founded in the United States in 1901. In Georgia, the trademark “Gulf " was officially presented in March 2010.

However, weight of an international trademark itself is not a guarantee of continued success in the market. Romanian “Rompetrol " came to Georgia not so long ago.  The style of its facilities, developed by VDS has already been successfully tested at dozens of fuel stations in Romania by that time. As “Rompetrol” entered the market, a new, higher level of the visual standard for fuel stations was set in Georgia.

While attaining this goal, the leadership of “Gulf Georgia " held a tender in which VDS competed with Turkish developers. Preference was given to the company from Belarus.

We started a pilot project in Zestafoni in July 2017. Paradoxically, thanks to the presence of Romanian fuel stations, the “Gulf” facilities were in a favorable position for rebranding. There appeared intensity of color contrast between the leaders: deep blue ("Gulf ") against orange ("Rompetrol"). Thus, we did not have to choose a color trend of rebranding: the life itself predetermined it.


As a result, new “Gulf” fuel stations acquired orange and blue color accents, and night architectural aspect looked much better. Glossy coating strengthened the depth of blue color in daylight, giving appearance of elegance and festivity. Company logo   became a plastic center of the stele, and transparent glass gave it a very modern look. Retro note in rounded corners of the roof reminds of the long history of the trademark, and ceiling linear lamps tell of the business aspiration to the future.   The fuel dispenser zone will acquire an updated image and considered functionality.

To be the best, you have to be the best. Together with Georgian customers, we managed to bring the “Gulf” network up to higher standard. This enables “Gulf” company to retain and increase its market share, delighting clients with high quality of service and external image. 





Photo: Gas station Zestafoni

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